Why Choose Us

Why choose Popcorn

Not just beautiful websites, they do actually need to generate business!

We’re all web users today and we know instantly if a website has been well designed or not.  It’s not simply a matter of the way it looks; it’s just as much about the way it works.  Maybe you use your mobile phone browser instead of Chrome and you find a website won’t display properly, or the checkout function falls over when you’re ready to complete your purchase.

A Popcorn website balances visual design and function to ensure your visitors get what they’re seeking and enjoy doing so.

For a website that delivers a real return on your investment

It’s easy for website designers to promise you the Earth and deliver you, well, something less.  Websites are all about image and image is just an illusion, after all.  A brilliantly-designed and attractive website can easily make an insignificant start-up look like a mighty corporation.  Internet surfers are not easily fooled, however, so your website had better be able to deliver what it promises.  That means you need to use a reputable designer, who will match your website to your objectives and the expectations of its audience and nothing less.

Producing such websites will never be cheap, but as long as your designer keeps these aims clearly in view, you will get a website that does what it should and costs no more than you expect.  Our costings are therefore clear and visible.

How we work

The key point to emphasise here is that we work with you.  Of course, we will do our best to minimise the input we need from you, so once we have a clear brief, we usually only need content – and we can even help with that if necessary.  The project can then get underway smoothly and we will alert you for comment and approval as agreed milestones are reached.

A good website is developed holistically – a number of well-judged and balanced elements that are brought together in just the right way, to ensure the site performs brilliantly and exceeds your expectations – and those of your users.

Three benchmarks are used to keep our development aligned with your site’s objectives.

1) A strong business focus

Whether commercial or not, websites are business tools and as such need, investment to maintain them at peak performance.  Any work undertaken must therefore be based on sound commercial principles.

2) Total user focus

Understanding your site’s audiences and users enables us to ensure that the site meets their needs and expectations.  If that is achieved, visitors will stay on your site longer – it will become ‘stickier’, like flypaper – and whatever transactions you want them to enter into will be completed with maximum satisfaction, leaving them happy to return another day.

3) Substance over style

Today it is possible to make a website look a million dollars and do practically anything, but is it justifiable, necessary or affordable?  Finite budgets and the need to get the site up and earning its keep are natural limiters to online extravagance.  We only recommend work that will ensure your website looks the part – but functions beautifully.